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Bohyme Hair

Bohyme hair has been an industry leader in the human hair market for more than 35 years. It is 100% Remy human hair at the highest quality available to you.

We have a wide variety of hair available from wavy, curly, straight in several different colors we also can custom order to match your hair color. 14" and 18" lengths in stock.

Italian Hair

Italian hair comes mainly from Eastern Europe (Russia) and Italy. Because of its quality it is popular to use for extensions. Natural blond or red hair is less common but it can be dyed in any color just like your own natural hair.

Typical Italian human hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section. We have a wide range of colors, lengths and textures to choose from.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair extension products are 100% virgin, top-quality human hair and competitively priced. No matter what your exact requirements are, we strive to satisfy you with a variety of Brazilian hair weave extensions available in different textures, lengths and colors. Choose from textures such as straight, deep wavy, body wave and curly. We can render you with a natural look.

Elegant Hair

This supplier has been a designer, creator and manufacturer of wigs, hairpieces and extension hair for over 30 years. All of Elegante's human hair extensions consist of only the highest grade human hair, the difference Remy Human Hair offers is the protective outer cuticle on the hair shaft that is left on before chemical processing. This ensures that the hair is more tangle-resistant, richer in protein, and softer than normal human hair.

Premium Remy Hair

Remy hair is carefully collected from a single donor in such a way that the cuticle is kept pointed in the same direction as the hair next to it. Because of its natural flow Remy hair is softer and silkier. It is also less sensitive to tangling and knotting. When shopping for hair extensions you will hear the name "Remy hair" a lot. Virgin Remy Hair is Remy hair that has not been permed, colored or chemically treated in any way.

Ultratress Hair Extensions

Ultratress II and UltraStrands are hand made using 100% Remy hair and are available in 30 colors. The application method is hot fusion. It provides a seamless transition when blended and styled into your own hair. Removal is quick and easy as well.

The extensions can last up to 4 months with the proper home maintenance and recommended hair care products.

Hair Care Products

Hair extensions need more care than our natural hair does, so looking after you're hair extensions is a must if you want them to last a very long time. Mercy Hair Extensions have selected only the highest quality of styling products to assist you on keeping your hair extensions looking super healthy and in tip top condition.

We carry the following brands: Moroccan,